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I am a creatively driven marketing and advertising professional with 5 years experience leading cross-functional teams in the development of innovative brand strategy, marketing plans, award winning advertising campaigns and product innovation for global brands including Jordan, Nike Golf,, Johnson & Johnson and start-ups like Quirky.


I am motivated by my passion for brands, fascination with consumer behavior and my love of building relationships with people. My wide knowledge and interest for all things digital means I always have my finger on the pulse for the latest social and digital trends. As part of a team I am known for my analytical and strategic thinking, excellent project management skills, influential presentation abilities and my positive attitude. Outside of work I'm an avid cook, traveler, photographer, music enthusiast, and a fashion fiend.


Adventurous and always looking to learn more, I recently returned from fulfilling a life-long dream of traveling around the world for a year. I visited 4 continents, 34 countries and 90 cities and gained a great understanding of many different cultures and lifestyles. To document my journey I created a travel photography website,

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