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Nike Golf challenged us to come up with a new product concept that brought their brand mission to life – enabling golfers to get better.


We created Nike Golf 360°, an innovative multi-platform digital tool that helps golfers improve, track and share their golf game.


NG360 allows golfers to see how they stack up with their friends; improve their swing techniques with the help of coaches; view and implement athletic training workouts that are golf-specific; navigate products and get personalized product recommendations.


NG360 drives sustained engagement. It’s a way to for the brand to connect with consumers at every course, on every hole.


To tease the launch of the app and digital platform we launched a promo video that was distributed via our social media and PR channels.



Golfers can track their game by keeping statistics such as their scoring average, driving accuracy, greens in regulation and average putts per round. “My Game” allows golfers to see how they stack up by monitoring results and beating their personal bests. Within “My Game,” golfers stay motivated by winning “trophies” as a result of improved statistics.


Golfers can upload and compare video of their golf swing to their friends and Nike Golf athletes. They can also receive personal coaching from Nike Swoosh Staff members who are PGA Teaching Professional instructors. Swoosh Staff members can provide feedback and swing tips through a video swing analysis tool.


This section is designed to help golfers get into golf shape.The Gray Institute has developed the NG360 Functional Performance System that is tailored to golf movements that the body makes, a clear distinction from other training systems. Our team produced and edited all the workout videos in collaboration with the Gray Institute.


Golfers can navigate products on the website that are suitable to their needs, while also receiving product recommendations from the Nike Swoosh Staff. Golfers can also upload the contents of their bags in the “What’s in their Bag” section. “My Gear” will increasingly become more robust as the NG360 App evolves.


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The NG360 platform lives consistently across desktop, tablet and mobile and includes 4 key components:


My Game

My Swing

My Body

My Gear

I find it important to recognize the talented team at Blast Radius who I had the pleasure of working with on this project that contributed to the concepts, creative, design, development and strategy:


Executive Creative Director: Mark Waggoner

Senior Client Director: Alistair Campbell

Copywriter: Aaron Kirscht

Technology Architect: Jon Haydock

Interactive Development Director: Steve Bond

Technology Director: Brian Stafford

Creative Director: Michael Howatson

Associate Creative Director: James Robinson

Art Director: Gavin Froome

Art Director/designer: Mitsuaki Yajima

Art director: John Owen

Art Director: Justin Damer

Senior Art director: Mauricio Pommella

Senior designer: Damir Kulic

Designer: Katie Holmes

Designer: Roland James

Designer: Jason Joo

Designer: Tim Darragh

Motion designer: Sumit Seru

Strategy: Sean Weller

Strategy/Experience Architect: Janis Lanka

Producer: Michael Ciebin

Project Manager: Pamella Villacorta

Project manager: Derek Lee

Project Manager: Alisen Salusbury

Editor: Jeff Lowey

Senior technical specialist: Aarif Rashid

Director of interaction design: Adrian Chong

Information architect: Brad Swerdfeger

Technology architect: Gordon Harris

Development: Shaun Krislock

Development: Bruno Nepomuceno

Development: Derek Kehler

Development: Emlyn Bolton

Development: Gayan Pathirana

Development: Ghafur Remtulla

Development: James Wright

Development/Design: Jason Ennis

Development: Kyle Campbell

Development: Marlos Ribeiro

Development: Matt Jameson

Development: Saud Aziz

Development: Scott Keller

Development: Tudor Oprea

Flash Animation: Bryan Chan

Senior database administrator: Kenny Chow






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150,000 users  in the first 6 months

15,000 rounds uploaded each week

Reached NO.1 position for free sports apps in the US

Won Communication Arts- Web pick of the week

Amazing response from consumers online


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No.1 Position in

Top free Sports Apps