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In the lead up to the 2012 Olympics, we were challenged to create a campaign that inspired and lead basketball forward without showing the Jordan athletes and without mentioning the Olympics (as Jordan was not an official sponsor).


With the love of the game being the main thing that enabled the Jordan Athletes to rise past any obstacle, we created a campaign focused around the idea of sharing past, present and future #RiseAbove stories from the fans and the brand.


The campaign involved the creation of a 4-part documentary series that told four inspirational stories about people rising above for the love of basketball. We also had an instagram competition where people uploaded instagram photos to the J23 instagram channel showing how they #Riseabove for a chance to win exclusive prizes. Digital paid media drove people to an interactive HTML5 gallery on where they could view a live stream of instagram photos and vote on their favourite #Riseabove images.


Within 3 weeks there were 6000+ instagram images tagged #Riseabove

Total of 1.7 million views of the documentaries

Digital footprint of over 299 million

Total of 327 million Impressions

We served up content worth sharing and became a catalyst to promote positive change through basketball

#RISEABOVE was the most successful digital campaign in Jordan’s history



I find it important to highlight that my role in this marketing initiative was one of Account Management and I contributed to strategic planning and project management. The creative, design, development, strategy & PM were generated by the talented Blast Radius team listed below, who I had the pleasure of working with on this project:

Executive Creative Director: Mark Waggoner

Creative Director: Ryan Leeson

Copywriter: Ryan Santos

Art Director: Carson Ting

Art Director: Gavin Froome

Art Director: Chuck Gibson

Copywriter: Greg Liburd

Strategy Director: John Ounpuu

Strategist: Charles Voon

Community Manager: Stu Holdren

Snr Designer: Damir Kulic

Technology Architect: Susannah Poon

Interface Developer: Brett Morgan

Front-end developer: Andrea Moretti

Project managers: Karey Messier and Ali Salusbury

Producers (Academy): Michael Cieben and David Winsby

Editor: Megan Bodaly

Production company: Smuggler/Soft Citizen Inc.

Director: Joshua Neale

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