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Nike Golf faced a perception issue around the quality and authenticity of its clubs. The introduction of the new VR_S line of clubs changed the game with superior performance by providing consumers with more distance. To prove this to consumers, Nike Golf wanted to give consumers the opportunity to try out the clubs and compare them to their current bag.

Nike Golf challenged Blast to create an online/offline consumer trial experience that sparked engagement, shifted brand perceptions, and ultimately generated sales.


The outcome was an innovative in-store experience called VR_S Speed trials, which gave golfers the opportunity to try the new VR_S clubs and see how many yards they gain compared to their current clubs.

To support this we created an interactive digital experience where consumers could see their results and how they stacked up against their friends and other Speed Trial participants via sharable leaderboards.

The program was executed globally in the US, Canada, and Europe with 11 retail chains across 6 countries. In the US alone we conducted over 680 events over 2 months in 150 cities nationwide.

In the US we partnered with Ogilvy Action (a WPP Partner agency) to mobilize and train a 200+ team of field reps who conducted speed trials in-store and uploaded consumer’s yardage gains in real-time via iPads to and participating retailer websites.


The VR_S Speed Trials delivered strong results for Nike Golf - 

  • It is the most successful trial program in the brand’s history.

  • 57% increase in sales

  • Over 14,000 participants in stores and registrants on the site

  • 75% increase in site traffic year over year

  • 2nd highest viewed campaign page in the history of

  • 53% increase in purchase intent

  • 76% increase in likelihood to recommend Nike Golf clubs to a friend or colleague


To tease the launch of the Speed Trail retail events we launched a website where consumers could go to learn about the Speed Trials and sign up for a reminder email for events near them.

Once consumers had completed their Speed Trial in-store they could go to the website to view their personal results and see how they stacked up against the nation, state and even that particular store. They could then share their results with their friends via social media chanels.


Leading up to the launch of the VR_S Speed Trials events in-stores we released a series of promotional videos on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to build energy and hype. The videos showed the Nike Golf Athletes testing out the new VR_S clubs and getting remarkable results!


The Nike Golf Speed Trials campaign was very well received in the golf community on blogs, social channels and forums. Surveys conducted in-store pre and post speed trial showed a 54% increase in purchase intent as well as a shift in perception of club quality from being average to superior.

Anyone who is a launch monitor snob like I am should contact Nike and see if they are bringing the Speed Trials near you..not only will you get to demo a great club and try it versus your gamer, but you will get a free lesson as well.

 "A few more yards is what we are all in search of and the people at Nike Golf have made it easy for us to find those extra yards with the Speed Trials"

Speed Trials review-Jeff


Consumers that participated in the Speed Trials were able to enter sweepstakes for a chance a to win major prizes. Golf Smith's grand prize was a chance to win a game of golf with Tiger which they created a TV commercial for.


I find it important to recognize the talented team at Blast Radius who I had the pleasure of working with on this project that contributed to the concepts, creative, design, development and strategy:
Executive Creative Director: Mark Waggoner

Interactive Development Director: Steve Bond

Associate Creative Director: James Robinson

Copywriter: Aaron Kirsch

Designer: Roland James

Strategy: Sean Weller

Strategy/Experience Architect: Janis Lanka

Project Manager: Derek Lee

Developer: JD Corr

Development: Shaun Krislock

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